Starting a new chapter can be a confusing process.  Here are some steps to make the process easier as a new addition to National NALSA.

  1. Check your Law School’s policy for establishing student organizations.  Many Law Schools require a faculty sponsor.
    • If you have trouble acquiring a faculty sponsor, contact your Area Representative for help.  National NALSA will support you to the fullest by furnishing a letter from the President urging faculty members to support your student organization.
  2. Chapter dues: Pay your chapter dues annually at the beginning of every school year at .  Be sure to indicate that you are paying for “Chapter” dues in the drop-down window.
    • Waiver: In special circumstances, as determined by the Executive Board, chapters may be eligible for a waiver of chapter dues.  In order to apply for a waiver:
      • Email your Area Representative explaining the special circumstances that make it impossible for your chapter to pay dues for the year.
      • In certain cases, National NALSA may need verification of financial hardship from your Law School’s administration.
  3. Upon payment of chapter dues, you will receive an email from the President giving you access to all of the great resources National NALSA has to offer.
  4. Individual Membership Dues: In addition to chapter dues, each individual member of your chapter must pay individual membership dues annually at the beginning of each school year at  Be sure each chapter member indicates “Individual” in the drop-down window.
  5. Once you have established your chapter, you may want to create a Constitution and Bylaws.  The following are some examples of Constitutions and Bylaws that your newly established chapter can use as a guide.
  6. If you need any more assistance, contact your Area Representative.