February 28, 2014 – March 1, 2014

This 22nd Annual National NALSA Moot Court Competition featured over 60 teams hailing from law schools in 17 states across the nation. The University of Oklahoma College of Law is grateful to the competitors and coaches who dedicated hours upon hours preparing for the competition. Thanks to all who made this event possible. A special thanks to the Citizen Potawatomi Nation for their sponsorship and support of this endeavor. Thank you also to the Northern Arapaho Tribe for sponsoring the First Place awards.

Congratulations to all the teams for successfully competing in this year’s competition. The final results of the 22nd Annual NNALSA Moot Court Competition are as follows:

Top Team Advocates

1st Place- Ryan McCarthy & Josh Peterson (Team 12) – William Mitchell

2nd Place – Jordan Inafuku & Kelsey Anderson (Team 25) – University of Hawaii

3rd Place – Kurt Klein & Morgan Evans (Team 26) – University of Hawaii

4th Place – Sarah Harada Miller & Daylin-Rose Gibson (Team 30) – University of Hawaii

Top Individual Oralist

1st Place – Andy Casey – University of Oklahoma

2nd Place – Morgan Evans – University of Hawaii

3rd Place – Kelly Mcginty – William Mitchell

Top Briefs

1st Place – Anna Light & Brieanna Hoban (Team 14) – William Mitchell

2nd Place – Dan Knudsen & Dustin Kuipers (Team 31) – University of Montana

3rd Place – Jason sanders & Lorenz Schuerch (Team 66) – University of Wisconsin

Teams Advancing to the Elite Eight

Anna Light & Brieanna Hoban (Team 14) - William Mitchell

Randi Hardin & Kelbie Kennedy (Team 46) - University of Oklahoma

Drew Pollom & Jocelyn McCurtain (Team 50) - Seattle University

Jeremiah Chin & Jonathon Sanchez (Team 60)  - Arizona State University

Teams Advancing to the Sweet Sixteen

Melissa Lorentz & Rachel Mowry  (Team 8) - William Mitchell

Kelly McGinty & Nicholas Leverson (Team 9) - William Mitchell

Jason Harmon & Becky Howlett (Team 19) - University of Kansas

Sommerset Keani Mie Wong & Matthew Keola Masahiko Ka’aihue (Team 27) - University of Hawaii

Cady Nicol & Nelson Hua (Team 32) - Columbia University

Alexander Gottfried & Jacqueline Ma (Team 33) - Columbia University

Andy Casey & Matt Covert (Team 45) - University of Oklahoma

Eric Weborg, Jr. & Spencer Robuck (Team 55) - University of Tulsa

Again, congratulations to all the competitors!


*Please email nnalsa.vicepresident@gmail.com with any spelling corrections.